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The Almighty

When I talk to others around my age demographic, 30–37-year-old in a random suburb, many have a similar story. Sitting in a friend’s basement eating baked chips.

In a journal from 2007 there is a clipping of Tostitos Multigrain Chips, a new chip made by Frito-Lay. I named them the "Almighty,” so obviously I felt strongly about them.

Seems like a rather pointless scrap, but this clipping reflects the trend of a more health-conscious America, favoring multi-grain chips products over transitional flour and corn products. Are these chips actually healthier? I am not a dietician, but my guess is no. Regardless, they have permeated our diet culture. Around the same time, we begin to see “baked” products, lower-carb options, and a push to have whole grain or multigrain products. This trend has hardly gone away.

A researcher looking at this may be studying the history of nutrition or diets - and this would be a great marker for a change in culture.

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