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Longing For The Past

I exposed my history as a “Mall Goth,” and am propelling us a few years down the line when fashion again reflects some cultural changes.

2007, according to my journal collages, there is a shift to a more “American classic” look for women.

Christine Aguilera released “Back to Basics'' in 2006 and along with it came the glamour of the 1940s – 1960s aesthetic for women. Bold lips, pin curled hair, and bombshell blonde coloring was in. I have a few horror stories of me trying to pin curl my hair incredibly too tight and badly drawn lip liner. I’ve gotten better through the ages. My collages also reflect this change. I traded in my black lipstick for bright red lips, pink blushes, and throwbacks to old Hollywood glamour.

But what else was going on that made myself and others change fashion choices so drastically?

Pictured: A clipping of Christina Aguilera

In pop-culture we see a rise in interest in old Hollywood, partially due to the celebrity culture and television at the time. Playmate Anna Nicole Smith died in 2007, known for her likeness to Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe herself also celebrates what would have been her 80th birthday in 2006. The reality show Girls Next Door debuted in 2005, and with it came a reminder of the glory days of Playboy starting in the 1950s. The critically acclaimed show Mad Men also came out in 2007 and was praised for its costuming and realistic sets. Media begins to have a large effect on the cultural values and fashion used every day.

Simmering in the background is something not as whimsical as television sets. America begins to face its first large recession since the 1930s, with the housing mortgage crisis causing millions to lose their jobs and homes. There is a very uncertain future for job prospects for those Pictured: Collage from journal, 2007

going into the job market and wanting to raise families. It is very possible we are seeing a desire to embrace classic American values and looks, such as old Hollywood, as a form of escape from the modern depression.

What does this say about the human experience and the desire to fall into nostalgia when times get tough?

Pictured: Collage from journal, 2007

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